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It's all about the delicious satay. To pronounce "sate" correctly, just say "SAH-teh." Many in the US associate Satay with Thai, but in fact it originated in Indonesia and is found practically everywhere in Malaysia. These bamboo skewers of tender meat are barbecued over charcoal fire, accompanied with peanut sauce dip and various sides - most commonly rice cake (ketupat) alongside bite size cucumber and red onion chunks. Satay is a meal in itself — not merely an appetizer.

Co-founder Tiquet originally experimented with the idea of making satay with the help of his wife Yusnita who herself had a family recipe in its accompanying peanut sauce passed down from her mom. Tiquet reminisce about going out to eat heaping platters of beef and chicken satay as a kid growing up in Kuala Lumpur. Despite living in multi-cultural Southern California the past 20 years, he found it quite difficult identifying real Malaysian satay from the very few restaurants serving Malaysia cuisine. He was never able to find the right taste or place that matched his childhood crave thus the idea of bringing Satay Place to reality came about.